The “Village” is not dead… A Thank you note to the stranger who told my son “no”

The other day, I read a blog post on  called “The Downside to Modern Parenting: Where has the Village Gone?” 

And it made me think…. Would I be apart of the “village”?  Um. Hell yes.   And here’s why…

Recently, we were at a greenhouse, picking out flowers for our yard, and while I was looking at flowers. my husband was on the other side of the aisle.   My 3 yr old went to grab a plant.

A woman, probably in in her late 40’s, early 50’s said to my son,

“No, no!  You can get hurt if you touch those prickly pieces.”

Then she looked at me with a little bit of fear in her eyes and apologized.

She apologized!

For telling my son not to do something that would hurt him!

This is now the world we live in.  A world where you can save the day, but then have to say you’re sorry for it.

I looked right at the woman,offered her a smile, and said, “I really appreciate you telling him no, Thank you.”

I didn’t see what he was doing.  I should have been paying closer attention to him.  My husband should have been by him, but we weren’t.  Am I mad at myself for that?  Not really.  Things happen.  I’m grateful to that woman, for having the heart to make sure my son didn’t hurt himself.

We should work to find a way to get back to helping our neighbors.  We should teach our kids that doing the deed is the reward. Teach them that they need to have respect for people, and that when they see something wrong or someone in trouble, they should speak up to help better the situation, not to stir the pot. We should teach them that when they are wrong, they need to own up. We should work on this as adults.

We need to take a look at ourselves and figure out  why we are all so afraid to help each other out?  Is it because we’re afraid we might not help the “right” way?

Know this.  If I ever see your kid or anyone for that matter, in a dangerous situation, or a situation that might harm them, or a situation that might create more chaos than necessary,  I’m going to speak up. I’m going to try to help you. And I’m not going to feel bad about it.

Please do the same for me.

Why have we lost the ability to teach humility?

I love my kids.  But they are FAR from perfect.  They will do the wrong thing from time to time, and they need to be called out on it, whether it be by us as their parents, or from someone who saw the error of their ways. They will make more than one mistake, and they will probably make the same mistake twice.  If they do, we will work with them to recognize it. Don’t be the parent that gets angry because they got caught being less than perfect.  Be the parent that uses it to teach them a life lesson.  In the grand scheme, a little humility goes a LONG way.

It is time for rationality.  Our world is made up of one half of people who are willing to say the most evil things they can think of, and the other half are offended by the simplest of things.  Time for some common ground again.  Stop overreacting to everything that might be borderline controversial.

I write this today as a thank you to the woman who stopped my son from hurting his fingers with pricks from a plant.  More than that though, I’m thankful to her for just saying something.  I’m thankful that the “village” concept hasn’t completely died out.






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