Looking Sharp… I gave my son a haircut :)

So My little guy has a birthday this week. Knowing we are going to be taking pictures, and having guests over for a birthday party, I figured it was time to get him a little trim. His hair grows SO fast!

Since he was pretty small, I have taken him to my friend Angie, who owns Creative Images Salon, in a small town about 20 minutes from us. She’s also got her own beauty blog!  Check it out here!
I’m telling you that she knows hair…. and I LOVE every minute I get to spend there!

But… I do not love trying to fit in a hair cut for a kid who has hair that grows like a chia pet….

So I decided to try this haircutting thing on my own…

I told Angie this was happening… She seemed like she thought I could handle it, but I’ll admit, I didn’t want the pro to see this…. 😉 So… now I’m sharing it with the world!!! LOL

I realize its not perfect, but its not horrible, and I think its a good “between cut” cut.

So, here’s how this goes down…

Step one

I have to bribe my child to let me cut his hair by promising that he can take a bath, and then get out to let me cut his hair, and then he can get BACK into the bath.  So he gets to take 2 baths on the nights I cut his hair.  I start with a 1 guard on the trimmers.  We have the Wahl Brand Trimmer set from Target, and it has several different sizes guards.  I use a 1 and a 3.

I cut the bottom half of his head with the trimmers, having him bend his head down and I move his ears out of the way by folding them down.  I also try to go in a couple of different motions, so that we don’t have guard lines in his hair.  I’d say do the opposite of what you do when you mow the lawn 🙂

I have a pretty good guide on where to stop, but you can cut up on the head as far as you’d like. I like his hair to be a little bit longer on top, and I also like to give him a side part.  I don’t know if he still has a side part hair cut, for that I will take him to Angie when I’m ready for her to clean it up! 🙂

Step Two

Once I have cut the bottom half of his hair, I switch guards on the trimmer, and I kind of go around the top part of his head, careful not to take too much off, but also working to kind of fade in the hair.  I know I don’t do a great job at this, but I don’t think he has to be locked in the house until it grows out! I kind of just try to trim all of the hair that seems to make him look like he has a bowl on his head, because Lord knows, we do not want to bring that hair style back!

Step Three

This is the step that really makes me nervous.  I cut off the top.  I don’t know why I even get nervous, because it seems like tomorrow morning, his hair will have already grown back, but I still get scared I’m going to leave a big bald spot in the middle of his head, because he can NOT sit still, as I’m sure you all know from experience with your own kids!   We have a few moments where I bribe, I reason, I get frustrated, and then we try and try again.

Basically I just go through his hair, comb it up, and trim.  I don’t just cut straight across, I kind of snip at the hair from the top, and then go back over it until the hair is even all around.  The good thing about a short hair cut like this is that even if you still have a few longer pieces, unless its REALLY long, you really won’t notice that they are there.

So… that’s pretty much it.  I know its not probably a perfect haircut, but at least you can maybe save yourself a little bit of money between cuts if you have a little guy like I do, and his hair grows quickly.  Realistically, I need to have his hair cut almost every two weeks.


The best thing is, after his hair is cut, he loves to go and “check it out” in the mirror.  He approves every time.  I bet that doesn’t last long! :).


  1. You're a brave soul!! I know i'd screw it up and my kid would end up bald! lol

    May 23, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Good job! You’re a brave soul! I know I’d screw it up & my kid would up bald lol

    1. Jennifer

      May 23, 2017 at 6:23 pm

      HA! Just hair! I figure it will grow back, in fact, it already looks like he could use another trim! LOL

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