My own momfessions

Momfessions: A mom’s version of a confession.

I know we all have them.  I also know that sharing them means putting yourself out in a world where there is someone on every corner trying to judge your every mom move.

Well, I’m putting them out there.  I’m sharing my momfessions, because I know that those people who are the most judgmental either A, do not have children or B, have confessions way worse than mine that they aren’t willing to admit.

Here goes 🙂

  • When my stepdaughter was in Kindergarten, I stayed home sick from work.  I was really sick, and fell asleep.  I forgot she had an early out, and I forgot to pick her up.  She had an early out that day.  She ended up walking across the street from the school to our old apartment complex and asking one of the neighbors if she could call her mom.  Her mom picked her up and was so upset with me that she told my husband I wasn’t allowed to pick her up ever again.  We have since gotten past that, but I can’t blame her.  I still hate myself a little bit for that.
  • Sometimes I let my son stay up WAY later than I should when my husband works nights.  He looks at me with his sweet little face and asks me if he can watch one “wittle show”  and I cave.  He acts like a total jerk the next day, and I know exactly why, but I pretend it must be because hes just grumpy, not still tired.  My husband has been reading my blog, so I guess this will be coming to an end soon.  Its 10:25 p.m., and he’s on the couch watching two talking
    Cereal Bar… Out the door… Every morning…

    pugs and robot dog.

  • I have let both of my children eat cake for breakfast.  I don’t really feel that bad about it.
  • I also let them eat cereal bars.  On the regular.  I know they suck, I know they aren’t healthy, but they are damn easy.
  • I am always running behind, no matter what is going on.  I don’t know if I think the clock is going to stop for me, but I honestly feel a ton of guilt about this.  My husband and daughter are clock watchers when it comes to being early.  They both like to be an hour early for EVERYTHING.  This gives me great feelings of anxiety.
  • When my son wants pretty much anything, I give it to him.  I am hoping to get a little bit more tough as time goes on.  I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not.
  • When my daughter wants pretty much anything, I give it to her.  I was hoping that I could be tougher, and I like to think that I am, but when it comes down to it, I know i’m not.
  • I act like my mom.  Sometimes this is good.  Sometimes bad.  I don’t really feel that bad about this either. 🙂
  • I yell too much.  About stupid stuff, and sometimes I cuss.  At the kids.  I hate myself for it.
  • I put our children ahead of our marriage, and I shouldn’t.  I think this is probably the worst one I have.  I know my husband is incredibly understanding, but there are way too many times that we intend to do something together, just the two of us, but our plans change because we feel bad leaving the kids home alone, or leaving them to do whatever while we try to have time together.  I’d say this is something we are both working on.
  • My house is ALWAYS dirty.  Okay, let me clarify, you could not walk in on a normal night unannounced and see nothing in my living room.  The pillows are rarely in place on the couch, and almost 99.9 percent of the time, there are dishes in my sink.  I swear there is a permanent mark on a side chair in our living room where a laundry basket of clean clothes sits, waiting for us to fold and put away.  We usually get around to it, but I’m not saying it happens timely.  IF you come over and tell me ahead of time, there’s a good chance I will shove things in strange places just to hide them before you get to our house:)
  • I get really really really irritated with people who assume I love my son more than I love my daughter.  Yes, Cameron is my technical step daughter, but she has lived with me for half of her life since she was 3.  I take her to the Dr when she’s sick, I write her school checks for whatever she needs, I’m in the stands at every home football game, cheering her on while she cheers for the team.  I’m at every musical, concert and school function I can be at.  I call her regularly to see how she is doing, I miss her when she’s not around.  I also do and feel all of the same things for my 2 year old. Obviously with such an age gap, the way I show my feelings are different.  I can’t just flood her with tickles and kisses anymore.  I truly want to tell people who assume that I don’t love her as much, or that its different to go “F” off.

Here’s my list in a nutshell.  If you have anything you’d like to share, feel free to jump on my site, and click the momfessions link at the top.  You don’t have to add your name, just share your share and I will get it posted to the site, name free.

I can honestly say I feel a little bit lighter now!





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