Potty Trained Amazement… How to potty train your 2 year old

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Every once in a while, I figure something out, and I feel like a genius.

I’m just going to say it.  I nailed potty training.  :).

Okay, my son did most of the work, but I will take credit because I honestly think that without our methods, he wouldn’t have even thought about it, and I’d still be buying diapers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, from time to time we have an accident, but they are few and far between.  I take the advice given by the experts and I don’t get mad.  I know there’s been a time or two I’ve peed my pants as an adult, so who in the hell am I to judge?

We started potty training at the beginning of January, and were completely done by the end of February.  My son sleeps through the night and since he’s been potty trained, he has only had 2 accidents during the night.

People are going to tell you a million different things to try.  I am just sharing what worked for us.  Know that whatever you do, you may have to tweak it to fit your life/child’s life.

In January, when my son was just a little over 2 1/2 years old, he was showing me these signs of a child who was ready…

  • telling me he was wet/poopy
  • taking his own pants off
  • asking me about the potty.
This potty was a big waste for us… My son just wanted to take it part, not poop in it!

I decided to give it go.  I did go out and buy him a potty chair, but the only thing he wanted to do with it was to take it apart and put it back together.  Biggest mistake on my part, I bought a Mickey Mouse potty chair… I’m just going to put this out there.  BIGGEST. DISTRACTION. EVER.  In my opinion, don’t get one.

What did work, was just the kids insert that went on the toilet.  I think it was a fraction of the cost. I did get a character one, Paw Patrol, so that he would at least think it was something fun to do.

This little potty insert is around $10.00 and works great. A tip: Make sure you clean it with a germ killer regularly. Kids are messy. 🙂

The first couple of times, I sat him on the toilet, and helped him to go into the toilet.  Another thing I discovered, the little shields that are supposed to help the pee from spraying everywhere…. They don’t work either.  After a figuration of logistics, we finally had it down.

And then he just decided he wasn’t interested anymore.  This went on for a couple of weeks, so truthfully, I backed off.  I figured that I hadn’t seen any other kids going to school without being potty trained and my child wasn’t probably going to be the first, so I just took a break.

I let a little bit of time go before I decided it was time to just get back to it.  My husband and I decided that if we were going to get him to understand, he was going to need more than just a potty dance.

Enter:  The Potty Chart

This wonderful piece of black posterboard was the turning point on our journey to undies.

I went to Pinterest to search for what other moms have done to make their kids go, and I found a few variations of a potty chart.  One similar to the one I created here was in a game board style formation so I thought that would make it easy to get him to participate, if he thought he was actually playing a game.

We went to the store, Target of course, and got a large piece of black poster board, a white chalk marker, tape and stickers.

I let my son pick out the stickers he wanted to use.  I was sure he was going to choose dinosaurs, but we ended up with Mickey Mouse.

The supplies for the potty chart were aproximately $8.00, and worth every penny!


The small circles represent one time of either going pee or poop. When he needed extra encouragement, we would tell him he could have two stickers if he went both at the same time. The Large circles are designated as prize circles. He would get a reward out of a prize box when he reached the large circles.



At the starting point, there are 5 small circles before getting to a prize circle.  If my son went to the bathroom either pee or poop, he would get a sticker for each bit of business he did on the toilet. When he got to the prize circle, he would receive a small toy from a little plastic tote.  The small toys consisted of dollar tree toys, puzzles and small books.  Because I am who I am, I went the extra mile and wrapped them, because I wanted him to know it was special when he got to the big circles. Eventually the number of small circles got to be more and more spaced out.

I think the fact that he was being rewarded with stickers each time he went, and that I let him place the stickers on the circles really made it feel like a game to him, and he was determined to fill the chart.  🙂

I did start to worry that he was going to never think he could go to the bathroom without a present.  Lucky for me, he has now filled the chart and does not feel the need to get a present every time he poops… 🙂 One of the things I did to kind of “finish” the game was I took him to a dinosaur exhibit as a “BIG” reward for winning the potty game.  I was planning on taking him to this anyway, but it just worked out to be right around the time that he completed the chart, so lucky me! 🙂

I will say that until we started implementing this chart, I don’t think my son was ready to do it on his own.  It took the extra idea of us making it a game and rewarding him.  Other parents at daycare could not believe that my 2 year old was potty trained before their 3 and 4 year olds.  I do agree with “don’t force until they are ready,” but when the signs are there, I think its a good idea to put in some extra effort to try to make them understand the importance of it.

He is going to be turning 3 at the end of this May, and will be able to go to 3 year old preschool starting in September.  One of the stipulations is that they are potty trained and I sure and glad that he’s reached this milestone!  :).

If you have any questions about how I created the chart, where we got the stickers, anything, please feel free to email me at iowalifeandlove@gmail.com.

And here it is! We are potty trained and ready to tackle the world of preschool! :). Yay me! (HAHA, just kidding). Good Job to Maddox for being potty trained! 🙂

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