A weekday in the life of This Iowa Mom

I decided to share this… Maybe I’m not the only one? It seems like after we get something cleaned up, its a mess again….

Okay… Here it goes…

7/7:30 am – (sometimes earlier, sometimes later, eek!), I get up, I get my son out of bed and every other week I listen to my daughter deep sign from the kitchen as she stands ready to walk out the door for school…. I realize this is HORRIBLE and I’m considering doing one of these “Getting up really early in the morning” plans soon, so I can work on changing this terrible habit.

8:00 am – I’m either doing one of two things, wrangling my kids out the door (okay son…). Daughter has no problem getting out the door, she wants to be to school early so she can have morning gossip time.  I’m usually about this point pulling my hair out, because son has spilled marbles on the carpet, or dumped chocolate milk on the couch.  It seems like its always something… And I know… Marbles and a 3 yr old are a bad combo, but he’s very curious about everything.

Yep, this may be pretty normal…. A cereal bar in hand, a glass of milk and we are out… Goals to get up earlier so we can have a good breakfast are in the works…

8/8:15 am – I’m rushing into work, trying to search my bottomless pit of a Stella and Dot tote to find the keys to unlock the door to my place of creativity, my office at work.  I am a Marketing specialist at a non-profit organization that serves clients over 60 years of age and their families.

9:00 am – Depending on the shift my husband is working, now is about the time I get his morning phone call, just checking in on me to see if my day got started okay, or if something got me off track…. and don’t worry, many things seem to happen that way… Son pees in the carseat on the way to daycare, I fall down on the ice… it can really be anything on any given day.  HOWEVER… I’m usually always at work when he makes this call 🙂

11:00 am – I usually take an early lunch to make sure everyone else in the office can get to their lunchtimes as well… Although usually is kind of vague here because it seems like lately I’ve been eating sandwiches at my desk a lot, instead of stepping away… I’m trying to get back into getting away from the desk so I can refresh myself a little bit.

Here’s morning… on a good day… pretty sure this was the first day of school. The only happy morning 😉

1:00 pm – I could be doing one of many things at this point in the day… Answering phones, because I do that at work also, I could be ordering office supplies, or I could be designing new print material for my agency.  I might even be on Facebook, promoting the online support group for caregivers that we recently launched at my agency.

4:30 pm – Work day is coming to an end.  I feel completely blessed to work at a flexible agency that knows the importance of family life.  They are incredibly accommodating when it comes to family schedules and family life, and for THIS I will forever be grateful.  But anyway, back to my day….

I am usually in a rush to get over to our sitter’s house to get my son picked up.  By this point in my day, I’m wondering about how his day went, whether or not he got along okay

The downtime we get together as a family is the most priceless part of my day.

with all of his friends, and even what he had for lunch.  He usually tells me hot dogs… :). Again, I have to plug my sitter because she is really an amazing person, and my son can’t WAIT to go to her house every day!

5:00 pm – Now this could go one of two ways…. Either I am on the clock to get home, eat dinner with my husband so he can get to work or I’m on the clock to get home to cook supper so he can eat dinner when he gets home.  Either way, its a CRAZY ASS time around this house!

6:30 pm – Dinner is done, and my husband I make an excellent team.  I give our son his bath and he does the dishes.  When our daughter is here with us, she usually runs upstairs to get away from us as soon as possible, because duh, why in the HELL would she want to hang out with US?   ;). There’s a good chance though that she is either just leaving for some school activity, or our latest venture… Drivers’ Education 🙂

7:30 pm – We get a little bit of down time…. Maybe we bring a load of laundry up from the basement and leave it in the basket for a day or two…. We might go through it and find some clothes that we want to wear the next day…  Usually though, This is the time I get to spend with my son, one on one, or with my whole family, And each night is different of course.  Sometimes I have to run to Target… Sometimes I WANT to run to Target… I have to say that this is my favorite part of the night.

8:30/9 pm –  My son is on his second story, asking me if he can have a “wittle drink of water” for the millionth time, and my daughter can’t wait to escape up to her hideaway (so she can snapchat streaks to all of her friends). I am so ready to go to sleep myself at this point, but its about the only time I get to myself, so I usually take advantage of it, and I head up to work on this blog, or on the rare occasion that I feel like it, I watch something on TV.  My husband and I do that together, and we usually are dinking around on our phones…  This is actually bittersweet time for me, because truthfully, I’d like to spend more time with him and do something together, but by the time we have both put in full days, we are pretty ready to just hang out and relax.

10/1 a.m. –  Okay, so this is where it comes full- circle, and you can now see why I hate getting out of bed in the mornings… I’m a night owl, and I feel like my creativity is better in the evening… That or I just don’t want the day to end.

This is pretty typical for me at night…. at least its a decent angle;)

1/1:30 am – I sneak into bed (my husband has been there now for a few hours) and I try to get a couple of hours of sleep before I wake up to do it all over again the next day.

And even though its crazy, and I sleep in, and I suck at getting myself organized, I feel lucky to live a life where I can get out of bed and do all of these things.  I don’t love them every day, no way, but I sure do feel lucky.

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