What is a mother?

Chantel Stuart poses at her salon/boutique called Shear Excitement in Pomeroy, Iowa. Currently she has put her career on hold, and closed her salon temporarily so that she can focus on fighting Cervical Cancer.

What is a mother?

The person who gave you life.  The person who wipes your tears.  The person who kicks ass for you.

Chantel Stuart is kicking it all over the place right now.

She owns a business and manages a family and not only does she rock in both the role of stylist and mommy, she’s kicking the shit out of cancer.

For the past 5 weeks, she’s taken a break from her business so she can get the treatment she needs  at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

It hasn’t come to her easy, she’s had a few struggles along the way. If you are friends with her, you see that this hurdle is something she’s running at with full force.

Diagnosed with Cervical cancer, not one time has Chantel shared with the world that this is something she is going to let define her.  Fears and thoughts she may have, sure, but cancer is not changing who she is.

Her snapchats show milestones, like the recent one of her receiving a pin because she was finally getting her last dose of Chemo.  Very few of the pictures she shares have anything to do with cancer, or treatments.  They are pictures of her kids, and the moments she’s in with them.

And in that is where you find the definition of a mother. A mother is someone who puts their children above everything else, even the scariest, even the worst of the worst, even cancer.

I’ve thought long about how I wanted to recognize mothers for Mother’s Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to define the role of mom than to talk about a mom who is going through one of, if not the most difficult time in her life, but who still does EVERYTHING to keep smiles on the little faces she loves.

Because when you’re a mother, isn’t that what happens?  You go through things you never thought you would, all for your children?  Chantel did not choose to have cancer, and she sure as hell doesn’t deserve to have it. But she has chosen to rise up.  She’s chosen to fight for her life. I can promise you she isn’t thinking about herself every time she is poked or prodded for another test.

The next time you look at your mom, think about the things that she has done for you.  Silent struggles throughout her life, giving up things she needed so you could have the things you want.  She did that. At some point throughout your childhood, she fought for you.

Don’t forget to thank her for it.









Chantel and her husband Kevin live in middle Iowa on a farm, with their three beautiful kids, Bailey, Bryce and Halle. Our family is blessed to know them, and we are grateful for their friendship.  I pray every day that she is soon sharing with the world that cancer is a distant memory of her past.


  1. Janice & Bryan Greve

    May 15, 2017 at 12:12 am

    We wish you the very BEST! We pray your cancer will vanish and you will be feeling better very soon! You are an inspiration to all of us! What a beautiful tribute to you and who you are!! We are so sorry to hear you are facing this terrible road but it also sounds like you are a ROCK STAR!! Our prayers are definitely with you!

  2. Debbie

    May 15, 2017 at 11:17 am

    God be with you and your family during this struggle! PHS class of 1968-Debbie Johnson Engler

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