All I need is Mascara and caffeine

I do not wear makeup every day, but I wish I did. Let me show you why I like it…

When I wear it, it makes me feel a lot better about myself.

I’ve spent a little bit of time finding out what products I like the best, and which ones don’t work quite as well for me.

The one thing that totally surprises me is that I prefer “drugstore” foundation and concealer over more expensive products.

I absolutely love shopping for makeup, but considering the fact that my kids suck the money right out of my bank account, I can’t shop for it nearly as much as I’d like to.

Not too long ago though, I got to go on a Sephora shopping spree.  And it was magical.

I absolutely love shopping at stores like Sephora.  I love that everything is neatly organized with glitters of color and tiny little boxes lined up on the shelves.  I also love the free samples of product.  Its nice to go to place that will allow you to try before you buy!

So for fun, I have decided to share with you what I keep in my makeup bag, and use on a regular basis as a part of my makeup routine.

This makeup bag has become “it” for me.  It fits in my purse, it holds exactly what I need and I love the saying…

I feel it to be true… You can’t go wrong if you have mascara and caffeine.

In this bag I have several different items that take me from without to with in about 15 minutes  if I’m not constantly being beckoned by one of my little money suckers.

Lets start in order…. This is how I makeup. 

Almay Smart Shade concealer.  I just started using this product about three months ago.  Its almost gone and I just purchased my next tube.  The concealer goes on white, and then once you start applying it to the desired spot on your face, the concealer matches your skin, making way easier than trying to find an exact match.



This product is around $10.  I purchased mine at Target.



This is the one product that I will stand up for and say I firmly believe for myself, this is better than any high end, high coverage foundation.

My skin looks flawless when I use it. When I would use some of the other products I’d try, my pores on my face were ridiculous! I love that there is some acne treatment. This product is around 13.00-15.00.  You can get it at Walmart or Target.  I do use an Urban Decay foundation brush to apply.  One of my amazing Sephora purchase:)


Next comes a little bit of color in the cheeks. I use a benefit pallet for every day I love to use the middle one on the top and also the darker beige on the bottom.  The Watts Up highlight came inside. I use it lightly on my cheeks and above my lip! 🙂 It just makes me feel sunny?  Ha… Ha ha.

Next up is my shadow…. I have gotten carried away with the shadows lately… My most favorite is the Naked Basics pallet, which I stole from my sister while I was visiting her one weekend.  I LOVE the first shade in the pallet, I like to use it as an inner eye highlight, and a highlight for my brow bone.  I love the way it goes on, and there is no fall out with this one… My second favorite and most used… The Chocolate Bar eye shadows from Too Faced... O. M. G.  to DIE for.  It literally smells like chocolate when you open it, and I get a small whiff of it every time I apply it… Sometimes I want to lick it… And then I stop myself, because that was an expensive chocolate bar! 🙂

This is it right here… I LOVE the warm golden colors and then that it adds a few pinks and burgundies.  Its a lot of fun to play around with this one.






After the shadows I use my Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrown pencil and shape and color in my brows.  I never ever ever had to do this before I was 30… But I’ve decided it makes me feel better… I love to see tutorials about how people design the most amazing eye brows… And as a fair trade off, I watch a couple of them with tattooed eyebrows gone WAAAY wrong.  I love this Stila liquid eyeliner.  In fact, I’ve recently started experimenting with trying out a small wing.  I have a long way to go before these wings fly the coop, that is FOR SURE. I finish up with a drugstore mascara, and its actually one of my favorite things!

And finally, after all that … I get to my lipsticks:).  My favorite lip color of all time is the too faced melted.  Its the jelly color…  The second from the left… Its seriously to die for as a color… I get a lot of compliments on them.  The other few are just backups :).

This is obviously not my entire makeup collection, but I would say that I could make any event happen with the items in this bag.  Wearing makeup makes me feel like a better person.  A more put together person. And when I’m a better person, I am a better mom, a better wife and a better me.


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